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 8 Week Class (COMING SOON!) 

45 Minute Class



  • A great preparatory class to start your little one on a lifetime love of music. This 45 minute group setting class is jam packed with games, coloring, rhythmic and tonal activities, and PIANO PLAYING! Your little one will leave each week with new songs and new skills to show off. They will also work every week on the fundamental building blocks of preschool - numbers, colors, letters, left and right hand, and MORE!

  • 1-4 students per class

  • Practice encouraged but not required

  • In-house recital on week 8, guests welcome!


 Private Lessons 

30 Minute Weekly Lesson


$85 / Month*

  • Repertoire consists of an in-house pre-reader series, specially created to prepare your preschooler for the staff once they reach school age

  • 3 levels, lasting about one year each

  • Performance opportunities through in-house recitals



*Monthly rate is based on an average of four lessons per month and does not change due to major holidays off OR months with five lessons.

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